Colonial Shipwright?


A colonial ship wright is a person who designs and builds boats and ships. A colonial makes the bow, hull, keel, masts, and the ribs of the ship. A bow is the headfirst part of the ship, the hull is the body, a keel is the piece of wood below that runs from the front to the back, masts are long poles that sustain the ship's sails, and the ribs are part of a ship's frame that run from the keel to the deck.
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They make ships like sloops,galleons,and frigates.
They dressed like this:…. These people are historically-accurate reenactor 18th century New England ship builders. Source(s) Me, clothing
Shipwrights, no matter what time or epoch, build and repair ships.
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Shipbuilders in Colonial times needed skills in architecture, carpentry, joining, caulking, sailmaking, and design. They used tools like calipers, chisels, mauls ...
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