Color Paint to Make Room Look Larger?


The best color of paint to make a room look larger are light-colored paints. You can also combine contrasting colors to make a room appear larger. Combining icy blues with cream colors is one way to make a room appear to be larger than its actual size.
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The right shades of green or brown on the ceiling adds a feeling of coziness while still making the room feel larger. Light, warm brown and green options work best, according to Apartment
Lighten up - Dark colors absorb the light making small rooms look even smaller. Lighter colors on walls, such as creams, light blues, light greens, and soft yellows expand the room.
To make a small room look larger, use lighter
In general, lighter colors make the room look brighter and larger. Also, using one color throughout instead of several different colors will help make the space seem larger.
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