What is the difference between regular bleach and color safe bleach?


Bleach is used as a whitening agent for laundry. However, regular household bleach, sodium hyperchlorite, can remove coloring from fabrics. A color safe bleach is one which will provide whitening and brightners to colors without degrading them.
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Optical brighteners keep clothes looking fresh. Pre-treating laundry with color-safe bleach to remove stains before washing will do more than washing with detergent alone. Color-safe
Purex is a color safe beach brand which is chlorine-free and safe to use with colorfast washable materials, whites and delicate clothes. It will remove a wide variety of stains.
Color safe bleach can be used on all fabrics! Use 1 cup for every wash load for
1. Get an old rag, bleach, and a good surface to work on. You want to work somewhere where you can spill bleach without worrying- maybe in the laundry room sink or on a a waterproof
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What Is Color-Safe Bleach?
Regular chlorine bleach generally lightens colors or brightens whites when it comes to doing the laundry, but color-safe bleach behaves a bit differently. A color-safe bleach is made from a different chemical than a standard bleach, which makes it safe... More »
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