Colored Wife Beaters?


Wife beaters are a type of men's undershirt. Traditionally the color is usually white. Colored wife beaters are popular when the undershirt will be showing from underneath another shirt. They can be black, blue, green, gray, or many other colors.
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Wife Beaters are usually always white. They are cut off sleeved shirts or the tank tops
The piece of clothing (sleeveless T-shirt) known as a wifebeater is called "un marcel" in French. A man beating his wife is "un mari brutal/ un mari violent"
e- american apparel.
I work in a fairly busy Emergency Department. Over the years, we have noticed that many of the aggressive individuals who attend the department under the 'influence' of alcohol have
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A wife beater is a man who hits his wife. Wife beating is classified as domestic violence. Action may be taken against a wife beater, whereby he can be taken to ...
The shirt's nickname, 'wife beater', originated from its frequent depictions in many movies and TV appearances of aggressive American men, habitually living in ...
The common tank-top style undershirt was derived from a full suit worn in a swimming 'tank', or 'pool' as it is called today. After many popular depictions of ...
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