Coloring Bleached Hair?


You should be very careful when coloring bleached hair because a number of things can go wrong. The hair can take on a greenish tint. It can also sometimes turn orange. Adding lowlights to bleached hair can give it a more natural darker look.
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1. Apply a color-enhancing shampoo. These products contain a small bit of color that can change the color of bleached hair. 2. Make your own colored conditioner. Mix equal parts of
It depends on what colour you want to bleach itMy tips might be more helpful. First color does not "bleach". However several companies make hi-lift color series. For instance
You will need to most likely color it twice to fill in the missing red pigment from the bleached hair. Your best bet is to see a professional since you will need a neutral color at
1. Start with unprocessed hair. No matter what bleaching method you use, it's going to cause your hair to get a little dryer and more fragile than normal. Starting with healthy hair
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In order to color bleached hair, you need to go to a coloring chart. This is so that you can select a suitable color for your level of bleaching. Otherwise, you ...
It is possible to dye your hair after it has been bleached, but the results habitually depend on how healthy the hair is and what the new colour is. Bleaching ...
To strip color from dyed hair you'll need to get some bleach for hair. Follow the directions to strip the hair and you'll be set to recolor your hair if you choose ...
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