Who is Colt McCoy's sister?


Colt McCoy, former quarterback of the Cleveland Browns and current quarterback of the Washington Redskins, does not have a sister. As the oldest son of Brad and Debra McCoy, he has two younger brothers.

Colt McCoy, an NFL player, is the oldest of three sons. A common misconception is that Rachel Glandorf, his wife, is actually his sister. This rumor started after photos of Rachel at Colt's football games surfaced during his college career.

One of his brothers, Case, followed in Colt's footsteps and played quarterback at the University of Texas. His other sibling, Chance, played football for Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas.

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Texas quarterback Colt McCoy has 2 brothers, Chance and Case, but no sister.
Rachel Glandorf, theyre are engaged.
"McCoy told ESPN.com after the game he had a pinched nerve in his right shoulder. He said his arm felt like a "noodle" and had no strength." http://sports.espn.go.com
Colt McCoy's younger brother is Case McCoy.
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