Where are Comanche Indian artifacts found?


Artifacts associated with the Comanches are most commonly found across the southern Great Basin region of the United States that used to be the tribe's homeland. According to the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA), the Comanche were originally a branch of the Northern Shoshone who migrated into areas of northern Texas, western Oklahoma and eastern New Mexico sometime in the 1600s.

Shortly after their split with the Northern Shoshone, the Comanche migrated down from the Colorado Rockies to the Great Plains. Here, they lived as hunter-gatherers and were equipped only with crude tools, according to the TSHA. Late in the 17th century, however, the Comanche acquired horses and began a migration south into what would become their core territory. This migration carried the Comanche down through western Kansas and into the Oklahoma Panhandle. In the 18th century, they successfully occupied large sections of northern and western Texas.

During this time, as reported by TSHA, the tools available to the Comanche began to include bartered goods from neighboring tribes, such as the Wichita and Pueblo, and even some European goods. Eventually, decades of conflict drove the Comanche from their home range until, by 1875, only 1,597 Comanche remained on their reservation to be tallied by the U.S. Census.

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Quanah Parker, the last chief of the Quahadi Comanche Indians, 1845-1911, was a
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