How to Make a Comb Twist?


In order to make a comb twist you will need a rat-tail comb, conditioner and some shampoo. You will also need some hair clips, blow-dryer and dread wax. Begin by washing and conditioning your hair, then towel fry it until it is damp.
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1. Wash and blow dry your hair. Make sure there are no tangles; this hairstyle will be much more complicated otherwise. 2. Part your hair into four large sections. Use hair clips
use a brush to unknot a twist brush it so its your normal style-curly, wavy, or straight,- and then pull your hair back and then twist it into a big, loopy bun that hangs down. then
You can start with damp hair. Use a comb to separate her hair into
I suggest getting synthetic dreads. You can purchase synthetic dreadlocks that you can either braid into your hair or tie onto a pony/pig tail at they are temporary
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How to Make a Comb Twist
Comb twists, also called finger twists, are a style of very small dreadlocks, ideal for women with short hair that is at least 1 inch long. Often seen on African American women, comb twists give you a sleek way to wear your hair in a very manageable... More »
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Twists and cornrows is a type of hairstyle which have both unisex hairstyles. It is usually done by washing and drying your hair with towel. Using rat-tail comb ...
You can twist short hair by sprinkling some water on the hair and brush. Smear some hair gel on the hair. Comb your hair by parting your hair how you would like ...
To make dreadlocks you can either braid the hair, or back comb it and then twist it. You keep it in place with wax. The back combing way doesn't always work ...
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