What are the combination instructions for a Brinks safe?


The instructions for a brinks safe are easy to follow. The safe is there to keep valuables safe from damage or theft. The company specializes in locks and safes and provides peace of mind that they cannot be broken into. To open the safe enter the combination on the lock by pushing the correct numbers. Press the A and watch for a green light to flash telling you that the combination entered is correct. Next grab onto and pull the handle of the safe downwards. Pull the door open towards you.
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1. Open the safe using the current combination. The current combination is either the default numbers given with the safe or the previously entered combination. 2. Press the memory
The answer is don't buy Brink. You cannot even find a number to call them. All they are concern about is selling you their product. Why buy if you cannot get support.
Try this! "According to what I found, as long as you can get into the safe, all you do is press the black reset button on the inside of the door, then enter the combination of
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Instructions for a Brinks Combination Safe
Brinks combination safes keep valuables safe from theft or damage. Brinks specializes in locks and safes and attempts to provide an incredibly secure method of storing goods. Most Brink combination safes accept a combination between 2 and 10 numbers. The... More »
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