Comcast Remote Codes 5 Digit?


Comcast cable box remotes for Xfinity digital television are programmable as universal remotes. As such, they can connect to multiple secondary devices in order to eliminate the need for multiple remotes. To achieve this universal remote capability a person must have the corresponding device code for the device that they want to connect. These codes are five (5) digits in length and vary based on the device code. For example, Sony products may use 10000 or 11100 while LG may use 10178 or 11178. The codes can be found on the Comcast website under the support tab on the ?How To Program Your Comcast Remote? page.
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The codes for a Toshiba TV for the Comcast 3
1. Take the old batteries out of the remote and insert new ones. Using fresh batteries will ensure that the remote is at full power. 2. Press and hold the "Setup" key for
Comcast should know the code seeing you bought a "Comcast 3" remote. Check the Comcast website or give them a call.
It seems like most (maybe all) Sony HTIB do not work with the Comcast Custom Remote. I've found a work around that fixes the volume control and power button though. Hope it helps
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