How many digits do Comcast remote programming codes have?


Comcast remote programming codes have only three numbers. However if someone is not successful in finding the correct code, the remote can search all the codes.
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To program your universal remote you will need to get the codes for the model remote you have. Comcast does have a few different remotes out there. Comcast's website has the instructions
For my Coby LEDTV3226 the code 11265 worked for me. I found it on the Comcast forums here:
The remote control included with Comcast cable packages allows you to program it to control up to five separate devices, including most models of TVs, VCRs, DVD and BluRay players
With Comcasts 3n1 Universal remote, Please supply type of
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To find the codes for a Comcast remote to program depends on the particular remote. Comcast has several different remotes for universal or multi-device. You can use the online tool at the Comcast website to help program your remote.
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