How do you configure a wireless router to work with a Comcast cable?


To configure a wireless router to work with Comcast cable you first need to make sure your router has an Ethernet network cable. You will need a Comcast installation kit and a D-link wireless router. The first set is setting up the Comcast cable modem. You then need to connect the router to the Comcast modem with the Ethernet cable.
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1. Turn off the cable modem by unplugging the power cable from the back of the device. Leave the wireless router turned off. Additionally, turn off any computers that will connect
The range of a wireless router depends on three factors. First, the format, whether b, g, or n defines the range. Also, the height of the antenna and the transmitting power will affect
Wireless G (54Mbps) is the most common speed for wireless routers for ranges up to 300' Wireless N increases the range of a wireless signal to about double of Wireless G. Naturally,
If you've got your wireless router at one end of the house and you're using it on the other side of the house, you may have problems with wireless network range. Concrete, brick and
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How to Hook Up a Wireless Router to Comcast Cable
A wireless router is an effective means for extending the reach of any Internet connection. Whereas a standard modem gives one computer access to the Internet, a router allows multiple computers, smartphones and other Wi-Fi devices to seamlessly access... More »
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Setting up a router is quite easy with Comcast Cable. You will need an ethernet cable, Comcast modem, router and Comcast account. Connect the ethernet cable to ...
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