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To use Comdata cards, first activate the card and establish your PIN number. The card can then be used at an ATM to withdraw cash. You can also use the card in the same fashion as a debit or credit card at most retailers.
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1. Call the number on the back of the Comdata card and enter the entire card number on the front of the card when you are prompted to do so. Enter any identification information such
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Comdata is accepted at any convenient stores or gasoline stations accepting MasterCard.
Comdata card advance resets Monday night at midnight.
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How to Use Comdata Cards
A Comdata card is a card that is issued by your company to you, the employee, for the use of making purchases for the company like office supplies or gasoline. It can also be used to hold your payroll funds. The Comdata card allows a company to keep... More »
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