Commercial Scripts for Kids?


Talent Scripts for Kids provides commercial scripts for kids to perform in the Talent Inc Conference Competitions. The competition is hosted by Talent Inc which is a talent agency working with various well-known publications such as Sports Illustrated. The competition is an annual event. The 2013 event has passed and was held at the Orlando Florida Hilton at Walt Disney. The event hosts competition for males and females of all ages. Talent Inc also holds workshops for aspiring models and actors/actresses.
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1. Use simple words in your script so the child actors don't get confused by the language. If you hold auditions first, you can see how they react to the words and rewrite the script
Beck Bennett is those AT&T commercials. (See related link below for more information.
Do you mean scripts for ads that have kids in them? There isn't usually a script, as such, for commercials. They are too short. Often, actors in commercials are SOC (silent on camera
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How to Write a Commercial Script for Kids
Whether you're writing a commercial you hope to get picked up for a contest or filming for a major retailer, you need skills for directing child actors. Keep your script suitable for the age you're working with. Also, when planning the shoot... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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