How can one find the value of commercial trucks?


If you want to buy or sell a commercial truck, knowing the right value is important. There is a truck blue book, similar to the blue book for cars. You might also want to check classified ad sites to find out about any local trucks for sale.
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Things You'll Need. Internet access. Instructions. Check out online listings like Commercial Truck Trader and Truck Paper. This is just a starting point and a number to fall back
You can find commercial truck values on specialty truck sites on the internet. These values may also be found in the Commercial Truck Trader book, which is distributed locally in
1 Look for used commercial trucks online. Reputable sites include TruckPaper, and eBay Motors. Search local advertisements online as well. You might find private
According to. there are about 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the US plus another 5.4 million or so employed in related industries (e.g. warehousing) Source
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How to Find the Value of Commercial Trucks
Finding the right price for a used commercial truck can involve a little bit of research. Well-known services like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds report the values of new and used cars and trucks, but not commercial trucks. Looking at existing... More »
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