Common Household Bases?


Bases are items that level out or balance out acid items. This can be applied in the lab and can be seen in the kitchen. Common household items that act as bases are seen in many a kitchen across the United States. They include baking soda, antacids, and milk. Antacids are a given, the name and purpose implies its classification as a base, but baking soda and milk of magnesia may be a surprise. Baking soda reacts with acids in baking and release carbon dioxide, which causes dough to rise. In this manner it acts as a based by leveling out the acidic products in the mix. Milk of magnesia is used for an upset stomach because it will absorb irritants, such as stomach acid, and neutralize the effect of the given irritant.
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Acids. Two of the most sour items in any kitchen are lemon juice, which contains citric acid, and vinegar, which contains acetic acid. Both have pH values around 2.5, which means
toothpaste and oven cleaners or other items that include ammonia in them to cancel out the acids :
Common bases: Ammonia, calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, and potassium
I have a tube of food grade malic acid and I need to neutralize it before pouring it down the sink so I don't end up corroding the pipes. Thus I need a base to mix it with.... ...
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