Common Uses for Acetone?


Acetone may be used a solvent. When used as a solvent it may be used to break down plastics or petroleum-based substances that are fabricated. Acetone is also used as a solvent in other chemicals to render down their instability. One of the most common uses of acetone is a nail polish remover. It can be found in many brands and is the most widely used type of nail polish remover. It may be use by some people as an additive to gasoline in cars.
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From our video partners Smoking Cessation Smoking causes damage to more than just the lungs. acetone is a solvent. and example of a common use is nail polish remover.
1. Pour the acetone onto a rag. 2. Rub the stains with the acetone-soaked rag. 3. Pour 2 cups water into a bowl. 4. Add 1 tsp. liquid dish soap to the water. 5. Dip another rag into
Acetone is used to make plastic, fibers, drugs, and other chemicals. It is also used to
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