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Communication degree Jobs for Ashburn, VA 20147
Director of Sales and Marketing
Morningside House
· Leesburg, VA
Customer Service Representative I
National Student Clearinghouse
· Herndon, VA
Account Director
IDM, Inc.
· Reston, VA
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1. Narrow your area of focus. If you've not already done so, decide if you're interested in marketing and public relations, publishing, working for a newspaper, magazine, radio or
1. Reflect back on why you chose to major in communications. Maybe you enjoy sports and would like to eventually be a sports announcer. Communicating information in writing might's...
Anyone graduating with a degree in communications may apply for a teaching position, radio or media, journalism, editing, or just buy a book that lists the many opportunitiies available
According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational handbook, there are many jobs available for graduates with a communications degree. From advertising
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A bachelor's degree today is often a minimum requirement for many different jobs. And, the truth is, it rarely matters what you studied specifically in college, unless you're looking for a job in the sciences. A B.A. in Communications is a good, general degree that qualifies you for many entry level jobs. You may find work in media, politics, public relations, or a non-profit group.

Some specific job titles you might consider looking for include: Public Relations Assistant, Advertising Copywriter, Marketing Assistant, Editorial Assistant, Journalist, Human Resources Assistant, Speech Writer, Lobbyist, Customer Service Representative, or Media Coordinator.
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A Bachelors of Arts in Communications can lead to several good jobs, and often a good salary. Mass communications jobs can vary from journalism, to public relations ...
The debt collector job description does not necessarily call for a college degree, but a having an associates or bachelors degree in communication can help one ...
A communications specialist writes, reviews or moderates any communications issued by their employer. The job duties of a communications specialist vary based ...
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