How do you use CommView for Wi-Fi?


Open CommView for Wi-Fi and select the 'Adapter'drop-down menu and select your wireless card. Click the 'Start Capture' button and open a Web browser and go to a website, then switch back to CommView and click 'Stop Capture. Right-click your IP and click 'Create Alias,' then 'Using Local IP' and then enter a name, like 'My Computer this will help show the traffic, very quickly, that is going into or out of your computer. CommView is a network and internet security tool that is designed to test the vulnerability of network and checks what connections are open to hackers.
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1. Open CommView for Wi-Fi. 2. Select the "Adapter" drop-down menu and select your wireless card. Click the "Start Capture" button to begin capturing packets.
Start reading the manual that came with it.
Although not an official use, Commview for WiFi can be used to decrypt
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