What Companies Hire Felons?


There are many companies which hire felons. Most of these companies believe that although people have a criminal record they can still perform and be trusted with certain tasks.
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Carolina Cargo Will. They are located in SC. MY boyfriend works there and hes had 2, so I know they will. It's okay money there. $600 a week. Good for the experience till you get
Government Work Crew. One popular place for ex-offenders to find work is with the District of Columbia or Federal government on one of many work crews. In parti.
You must first contact your local employment office. They can easily set you on
warehouse, production/assembly, construction, welding. bonus: Since you already have one strike against you, and EVERYONE is having trouble getting hired right now, please put some
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Allied Van Lines is a company that hires felons. American Airlines and American Express also hires felons. Many other companies will hire felons depends on the charges.
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