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There are various ideas one can have to make a company picnic an enjoyable, relaxing, and anticipated experience for all employees. Company picnics can take place in parks, on the beach, or even at the company's owner's home. One can have the picnic catered or offer a barbecue atmosphere. Competitive games can be played at company picnics, including sports like softball, soccer, or touch football. Someone can bring along a game of Pictionary for the occasion, or games can even be created 'Newlywed Game' style to see how well co-workers actually know each other.
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1. Organize a group of employees to help plan the company picnic. Even if the company is small, it is best to have several employees involved in planning the company picnic. This
1 Use creativity to plan a budget-conscious picnic that is fun for everyone without appearing to be done on a shoestring. Contact your city parks and recreation department about rental
I like the "ploughman's lunch" - get a loaf of bread (and/or some crackers) a variety of cheese and pate, and a knife for cutting and spreading, and just cut off slices
A nice dress with flowers if you are a girl, with some nice strappy sandals, or a pair of khakis or casual trousers with a polo-shirt or any other open neck shirt if you are a man!
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Gift Ideas for a Company Picnic
The company picnic is a casual opportunity for business colleagues and coworkers to get together for some networking and after-hours fun. If done right, it's a great chance for everyone to build better working relationships and to bond over a good meal... More »
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