How to Open a Compaq Presario Case.?


1. Power down your Compaq Presario desktop. Disconnect all attached cables and external devices. 2. Place the computer tower on its side. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the two thumb screws protruding from the rear panel on the upper and lower
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I think is not possible, because no space for additional harddisk, casing is too small, but if you release the cdrom, you can plug additional harddisk to cdrom place, but no screw
Check this: what model is it If its an EP/EN deskpro then the advice above is correct there are two big sliver (or
Normally, there are screws in the back of the case that attach the sides to the back. After removing these screws, the case should slide forward. At least that is what happens in
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What size case fan? Dunno. 1) How to measure the fan? Across the fan's shroud. (Surrounding Cage) Fan stood up, measure the Height, and Width. 2) Look at the label ...
1. Turn the computer over on its top and set it on a flat, sturdy surface like a table or counter top. 2. Remove all the screws on the bottom of the case using ...
Compaq PDA accessories include replacement batteries, cases, travel chargers, SC ROM cards, and organizers. All of these accessories can be purchased on eBay or ...
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