How to Get Compaq Recovery Drivers.?


1. Click the "Start" button. Go to "Programs" and then to the Compaq folder. 2. Click on the folder marked "Compaq Presario Tools" or "PC Recovery Tools. 3. Choose "Compaq Application Recovery. 4. Select the option marked "Driver Installation. Then
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Compaq decided to released the Presario driver in the early days of 2013, however many updates have been released since then, to try and keep up to date.
Compaq is part of HP now. You can start at to hunt down drivers for your specific model. I recommend using an automatic updater utility like the one on http:
if you trying to install the sound driver should be installed firts the UAA microsoft update,or PCI driver then follow the sound
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Having problems removing your Compaq's sound driver can be a real headache. First, you should locate the serial number and model number. Then to troubleshoot your ...
1. Browse to the Compaq V55 monitor driver download page, and select the operating system installed on your computer. 2. Click the "Download" button ...
The Compaq V55 is a 15-inch CRT computer monitor able to display images with a maximum resolution of 1024-by-768 and refresh rate of 75Hz. Generally, when a monitor ...
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