How to Troubleshoot the Beeping Codes on an HP Compaq Computer?


To troubleshoot the beeping codes on an HP Compaq computer, first start the computer. The beeping can be due to memory failure. Another reason would be that the keyboard is unplugged. The computer may have become overheated, so the dust areas are cleaned.
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1. Look for the user guide that came with your computer. Having the user guide available will make it easier to track the meaning of the beep codes. Most HP user guides have a section
Here is the support site.….
when you turn it on select F2 go to boot options, select CDrom put xp in rom restart
If My compaq presario pc makes a long beeping noise everytime i turn it on and the computer doesn't turn on,
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The beeping codes on an HP Compaq computer will usually signify something wrong during startup. You could troubleshoot this by trying to firmly connect all the ...
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