Compare Active Transport and Facilitated Diffusion?


There are several similarities and differences that can be found when one compares active transport and facilitated diffusion, which is also known as passive transport. Both are biological processes that allow for the transport of oxygen, water, and nutrients into the cells. However, active transport uses chemical energy, while passive transport does not. Also, protein is used when active transport moves chemicals into the membrane of the cell, while facilitated diffusion uses osmosis and filtration.
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Because facilitated diffusion moves moolecules from regions of higher concentration toward lower concentration, active transport moves particles through membranes from region of lower
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Choice B: Both involve specific transport proteins. In facilitated diffusion, they do it to avoid the tails of the membrane, and in active transport, the material is pushed against
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The words sort of say it all. In "facilitated diffusion", whatever is diffusing is doing so of its own accord, so to speak. For example, if you have ...
Active transport requires energy in the form of ATP. ...
facilitated diffusion, secondary active transport and active transport ...
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