Compare Aerobic Respiration and Fermentation?


Aerobic Respiration is the releasing of oxygen into the muscles. Fermentation, on the other side, is when no oxygen is present and the sugars are turned to glucose, which in turn is made into energy. This is known as lactic acid fermentation, and is responsible for the soreness in muscles while moving. Both, in the end, create energy.
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Fermentation does not use oxygen and produces ethanol compared to aerobic which gives energy, water and carbon dioxide so it must it must have something to do with the oxygen since
1. Obtain an understanding of the organisms that carry out aerobic respiration, and those that undergo fermentation. You can distinguish between aerobic respiration and fermentation
It's not A because aerobic pathway creates more ATP than the anaerobic pathway. It's not B because the aerobic pathway involves glycolysis, the krebs cyclce, pyruvate oxdation, and
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