Compare and Contrast Mussolini Hitler and Stalin?


The contrast and comparison between Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin has many different subjects. The three men were alike and different in several ways. All three men were leaders of their countries during the War. All three men are know as tyrants and killers. Stalin and Hitler killed millions of people because of race. They also killed when someone did not agree with them. Mussolini killed many people also. All three men used a political party to gain power.
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Hitler was the dictator of Nazi Germany from 1933-1945. He claimed that the Jews were to blame for the economic and social problems in Germany. He and other Nazi high-ups devised
Hitler's government was nazi, Mussolini was fascist, and Stalin was...
Joseph Stalin The Man Who Destroyed The Third Reich while doing nothing but eating chips on his sofa while his generals did all the work. vs. Hitler, the gay one balled n00b. Source
All were dictators and had people killed for no reason if that's what they wanted. They were all 3 experts at propaganda, getting people to do what they said. Mussolini has somewhat
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