Compare and Contrast Reflection and Refraction?


There are several differences and similarities that can be found when one compares and contrasts the processes or reflection and refraction. Reflection refers to light beaming off of a surface that it hits. This is what creates mirror images and seeing one's reflection in a mirror. Angles of light at 45 degrees help create this image. With refraction, the angles are of different degrees and mirror images are not produced. Refraction is what is used by lenses, like microscope or eyeglass lenses, and they make objects appear closer and sharper.
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Reflection is a reversal of the image on a horizontal
they are all related to how waves change direction.
Refraction is due to a slowing of the light due to collissions wiyh matter, while reflection is well a rwflection.
Astronomers prefer reflecting telescopes over refracting telecopes for several reasons. The first is size. It is easier to make a large reflecting telecope than a large refracting
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