How Do You Compare Rotation and Revolution?


Rotation is the turning of an object by an angle about a fixed point. During rotation the rotating body doesn't change its position, only angle changes. Revolution is the circular motion of a body in a circular path with a fixed center. During revolution, the body changes its position, come backs to its initial position and changes again. Our earth revolves around the Sun in a nearly circular orbit (actually an elliptical orbit). One revolution is completed in 1 year. Earth rotates about an axis passing through its center. One rotation is completed in 1 day.
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rotation is like if u spin a basketball on your finger. revolution is like swinging a jumprope around. When you spin a basketball on your finger, the ball turns round on a vertical
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Let us define relative rotation. The Earth not only rotates on its axis, but also rotates around the sun. The moon does not rotate on an axis, but does rotate around the Earth and
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