Why Is Venus Compared to Earth?


Venus compared to earth because Like Earth, Venus has a magnetic field and shows a planet of extremes. Earth rotates in about 24 hours while Venus rotates in the contrary sense in 243 days and both planets have the same amount of Nitrogen on their atmospheres since the atmosphere of Venus is 90 times denser than that on Earth and it is made of 96.5% of CO2 and a 3% of nitrogen.
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It is a barren, rocky Hades of a place. It is hot enough to roast you (460°C) and the carbon-dioxide atmosphere at the surface is 92 times as thick as Earth's. Don't expect to
Venus' volume is 9.38e11 km and the Earth's volume is 3 0.857. In size and
Mars: 38% that of Earth. Venus: 90.4% that of Earth. You can come up with the complete sentence.
Venus' gravity is 89% of Earth's gravity meaning if you weighed 100 kg on Earth you would weigh just 91 kg on Venus Anonymous
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