Can you compare Puritans and Quakers?


There are several similarities and differences that can be found when one compares Puritans and Quakers. Both groups were extremely devout and religious. However, the similarities stopped there. The Puritan movement rose in England in protest to the Church of England, founded by Henry VIII. When they came to the colonies, they tried to establish their strict Christianity as the law of the land. Quakers were also known as The Society of Friends. They were also Christians, but they were pacifists and had respect for others' religious beliefs.
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Puritans were members of a specific religious group - a branch of the Church of England at first. Pilgrims were those members of the Puritans who moved first to the Netherlands, then
The puritans and the Quakers were to religious groups that formed in the First Great Awakening. the groups may have lived in neighboring colonies, but the groups were completely different
Boby, The Quakers arose in Puritan England in the period of 1652-1656. They were a reaction to the perceived stagnation of the established forms of Puritan religion of the day as
The Puritans were a significant grouping of English
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