Comparing Series and Parallel Circuits?


Series circuit is where resistors are arranged in chain while a parallel circuit is where resistors are arranged with heads connected together. The current across parallel arrangement is the same while the current across series arrangement is the same per individual resistor.
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in series circuit the resistors (components),are used to connect seriallyand where total resistance is given by,Rs=R1+R2+R3. Where as in parallel circuits the resistors are used to
1. Draw a power source. Draw a resistor and connect one side of the resistor to the power source. The connection between the power source and the resistor will be called node A. Draw
A closed circuit in which the current divides into two or more paths before
( ′sir·ēz ¦par·ə′lel ¦sər·kət ) (electricity) A circuit in which some of the components or elements are connected
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