How to Calculate Compass Headings?


Compass heading refers to the heading that is normally measured clockwise from north as it is indicated by the compass. To calculate it, start by learning the basic parts of a Silva and then observe and operate the movable direction indicator on which the compass rotates. Set up the course and look at the graduation markings located on the perimeter of the compass housing to get the compass heading.
Q&A Related to "How to Calculate Compass Headings?"
1. Learn the basic parts of a Silva or other brand of compass used to plot courses and take headings. Note the magnetic needle which is the foundation of how the compass works because
( ′käm·pəs ′hed·iŋ ) (navigation) Heading relative to compass north.
Earth due to its rotation gets magnetized and magnetic south is located near by the geometric north pole and magnetic north near by the geo south. So the north pole of the compass
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