How to Choose a Compatible Partner?


Although many may believe that love is the major binding factor, to be able to find a compatible partner one needs to understand that no one is perfect and so a comprise must be made within reason of shared values and goals as every individual has their own weaknesses and strengths. In order for one to be able to say they are compatible with their partner, communication, lifestyle, education, privacy, financial, psychological as well as friends and family compatibility should be manifest.
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The old proverb 'know thyself' may not have originated to assist men and women when choosing a life partner but, its significance is greater fewer places than here. If you are interested
I don't know, but if you watch closly, maybe you can figure it out! Answer Sorry, but that's not always true. People can change, there are cons out there and some of them are pretty
complementary sun, moon, mars and venus signs as well as the aspects in the fifth and seventh houses are typically what determines relationship compatibility. So with that said, it
You are Pisces and he is Sagittarius.This match might work for a weekend fling, but that’s about as long as it can last. The physical attraction between you two is definitely
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