How would you use the word "compensate" in a sentence?


Compensate is an English term that is defined as to recompense for loss, suffering, or injury, usually by the honor of a sum of money. An example of the use of this word in a sentence is, 'The court ordered the company to compensate all its employees for their losses.'
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I will compensate you for the time you missed off work to come
When you hurt someone's feelings you should always say sorry and make it compensation. = (you really should) The monetary compensation for the job was low, making Joe irritated.
Some states have established specific compensation amounts for people who are wrongly imprisoned and are later exonerated ( http://lawprofessors.typ. If you didn't serve
The employee hoped his company would compensate him financially for the overtime hours he had worked. Money does not compensate for the love of family.
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compensate in a sentence
It is hard work, but they will compensate you well for it.
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