Where can I find a complete list of books by Louis L'Amour?


Louis L'Amour has written 89 novels, and the entire list can be viewed on his official website at LouisLAmour.com. These novels were written in the great Western American tradition.

Besides the large collection of novels, he also has written many short stories, non-fiction and poetry. Audio books have been adapted from his works, and movies have been based on some of them as well. Louis L'Amour, born in 1908, was raised in Jamestown, North Dakota. His family traveled while he was young, so Louis got to experience many adventures, including farming, mining and dealing with cattle. He also had an on-and-off career as a boxer, which informed some of his stories.

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Wow, I love the L'amour books, but I don't know if you can find them all. I had heard of a collection of his short stories, in two parts, but I don't know if it has them all, and
The number of books written by Louis La Amour has passed 130. Perhaps more manuscrips will turn up.
Louis L'Amour's best-known titles are The Daybreakers (1955) Taggart (1959)
If it is leather bound then maybe about $100 but the paperback are worth nothing. Have a look at what they are worth on. eBay.
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