What is a complete spinal cord transection?


A complete spinal cord transection refers to when the spinal cord is completely severed. When this happens, it is considered a traumatic injury that can result in complete paralysis or partial paralysis, depending on where the tear is located. Below the tear will be where the loss of movement and feeling occurs. The higher the tear occurs in the spinal column, the more severe the injury will be. The top causes of spinal injuries include car accidents, physical violence between people, sports injuries, and falls.
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you will be paralyzed, but depending on the magnitude it MAY re-heal.
Spinal cord transection is a condition in which the nerves which run
Not a cancer question.
The following aspects of sexual functioning are likely to be affected when a complete spinal cord injury has occurred in men: Genital sensation or orgasm. For women and men with spinal
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