Compliments to Give a Girl?


Girls like to be noticed so compliments to give a girl would include letting her know what you like about her. You can tell a girl you like the way she wears her hair or that the color of her hair is really pretty. You can compliment a girl by telling her she is fun to hang out with too. Let her know you enjoy the time you get to spend with her.
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1. Be sincere. Compliment only that which deserves it. If the speech was a flop, compliment the speaker instead for coming to address your group. It's easy to spot phoniness. 2. Make
Honestly, It depends for different girls. Of course girls will LOVE it when you compliment them on their looks. But the best compliments are the ones that show that you really know
You smell very nice, I love your hair today, Those are very nice shoes.
1. Take a look at the person and see what you like about them. For girls, you could see another girl's shoes, and like the color or model. For guys, it could be that you like their
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The nicest compliments that can be given to a girl will depend on the type of girl but generally touch on the physical appearance or her nature to make her feel ...
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