Compliments to Give to a Guy?


There are various compliments a girl can give to a guy to help stoke his ego and also help him become interested or stay interested in this girl. She can tell a guy how handsome and smart he is, and also compliment his sense of humor. Comment on his eyes, choice of clothing, and even his hair. Guys give off an air of confidence much of the time, but often this is a cover to hide lower self esteem. Like females, compliments are something a male both needs and desires.
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Compliment him on his current status. his actions. his clothing. his hair. his talents. his smile. his attitude. and the rest your heart will come up with if you are good under pressure
Everyone loves a good compliment-even guys. And the key to a good compliment is making it stick. With the help of two doctors (both relationship experts, not, like, two veterinarians
1. Determine one way in which your acquaintance or employee could improve his performance. For example, your employee submits weekly reports with many misspelled words. You would
You can tell a guy he has nice eyes or hair or that he is smart or handsome.
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The kind of compliments you can give a guy are compliments on his looks and desirability. Compliments should be truthful, so if he has broad shoulders you can ...
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Compliments for women should not be over-delivered. They should come as naturally and as sincerely as possible. Give smaller compliments that are believable, so ...
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