What are some good compliments to give a guy?


There are various compliments a girl can give to a guy to help stoke his ego and also help him become interested or stay interested in this girl. She can tell a guy how handsome and smart he is, and also compliment his sense of humor. Comment on his eyes, choice of clothing, and even his hair. Guys give off an air of confidence much of the time, but often this is a cover to hide lower self esteem. Like females, compliments are something a male both needs and desires.
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Everyone loves a good compliment-even guys. And the key to a good compliment is making it stick. With the help of two doctors (both relationship experts, not, like, two veterinarians
1. Be sincere. Compliment only that which deserves it. If the speech was a flop, compliment the speaker instead for coming to address your group. It's easy to spot phoniness. 2. Make
You can tell a guy he has nice eyes or hair or that he is smart or handsome.
1 Find something you genuinely like about the person. It’s easy enough to pick the first thing you notice about someone and compliment it. You could say “I like your shirt
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