Compounds Soluble in Water?


There are many compounds that are not soluble in water. In order to be soluble, the constituent particles of the compound most have an affinity with water molecules. Compounds can be liquid or solid. For example, a cube of sugar is soluble in water because sugar crystals form weak bonds with water molecules. However, steel is not water soluble. The molecules making up steel have a tighter bond to each other than that of water and thus are not soluble.
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A non-polar compound. Water is a polar compound, so only polar compounds are soluble in it.
1. Divide the mass of the salt by the mass (volume) of water, and multiply the quotient by 100 to calculate solubility that is required to make the particular solution. In our example
All nitrates are soluble. Cl- All chlorides are soluble except AgCl, Hg2Cl2,
A water soluble vitamin is one that does not accumulate in the in the body. B complex vitamins and Vitamin C are water soluble and must be replaced each day.
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