Why Does AC Compressor Clutch Engage and Disengage?


In most cases, this means that the machine has not enough refrigerant. It can also be a caused of by extreme temperature. Malfunction in the AC system and excessive refrigerant can also be a factor to engage or disengage a compressor clutch.
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Usually, on most cars, this means that the weather is cool or that there is insufficient refrigerant in the system. It can also be caused by a restriction in the AC system or high
The problem is probably in your heater/ac controls. You can disconnect it at the compressor by just unplugging it. I would find a new control switch and change it, or you can install
1. Recover the refrigerant with the A/C recovery unit. 2. Remove the drive belt from the A/C compressor. Some older compressors may have two belts, but most newer ones are fitted
Tom, You have two pressure safety switches inside your system. One for the high pressure and one for the low pressure. The low pressure cuts off the compressor when the pressure drops
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How to Check for a Compressor's Clutch Engagement
The compressor can be thought of as the heart of a vehicle's air conditioning system. The compressor clutch is what enables a belt-driven compressor to do its job. When the A/C switch is turned on inside the vehicle, electrical current is available to... More »
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