How do I Transfer Camcorder Tapes to Computer?


Transferring camcorder video to a computer can be done with an external video processor. One of the easiest systems to use is made by Dazzle, now Pinnacle Systems. A complete line of video transfer hardware and software can be found on their website,
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1. Insert the compact VHS tape into the VHS tape deck. Follow specific instructions pertaining your particular model. This step is only for those who are using a compact VHS tape
1. Collect every cassette tape you have into one easy-to-reach pile. Throw away any that are degraded. You won't want to try and convert a cassette tape
A tape library stores information about tape drives, magnetic strips of tape that read and write data such as those used in video cassettes and floppy discs. Tape libraries hold tape
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To put video tapes to your computer, make sure that your computer has Windows Vista Home Premium, which includes Windows DVD maker and Windows movie maker. Then, ...
In order to record a VHS tape to your computer, you will need a VCR machine, an analogue to digital converter, RCA cables and a DVD recorder. You will also need ...
1. Buy a TV tuner card or video capture device that is compatible with your computer. There are many different kinds, including PCI cards that you install in your ...
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