Computer Parts and Its Functions?


The basic parts of a computer and their functions include the following. The tower or desktop, which houses the CPU; the monitor, which displays screen images; the mouse, which is used for input; and the keyboard, also used for input. There are many more parts to a computer with various functions, including speakers, microphones, headphones, disk drives, etc.
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The CD rom, the floppy, mouse, printer, keyboard, monitor, and system unit. CD-ROM. These are the silvery plastic disks that look just like music CD's. Application software (programs
A keyboard is a main part of a computer. computer image by from Desktop computers consist of a core unit of items that the system needs to operate properly
The motherboard is THE most important element, period. It is what is responsible for connecting every other part together so that they can do meaningful work. The power supply unit
in the system unit is compnents that constitutes the hardware and the firmware these are typicall: motherboard: slots. embedded microprocessors. capacitors. diodes. rectifiers. RF
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An actuator is a part of a computer's hard drive (also known as a 'hard disk'). The actuator moves the hard drive head arm. This moves the read/write heads to ...
These apps can be purchased, bundled in free with a new computer, or given away by companies who want users to rate them or use other parts of their service. ...
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