When will Beyonce be in concert in Vegas?


Her website doesn't say, she is on a european tour right now.
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Vegas is the ultimate escape. Time is irrelevant here, especially after a few frenzied and intoxicating sleepless nights on the Strip. There are no clocks inside casinos, just never-ending buffets, ... More »
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Well, they said that earlier this year that they don't want to release it yet, because the ticket sales would decrease. I guess they will release it next year, or after the end of
Depends on the band. The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel is best for rock concerts like The Killers and Arcade Fire. MGM Grand Garden arena is usually for large pop concerts like Lady
Miley Cyrus does not have any events scheduled in Las Vegas NV in the near future. The only 2 events on her calendar are in Lisbon and Madrid.
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The song that Beyonce sings when she talks about her role in the movie Austin Powers during her Las Vegas concert, I Am Yours, is known by the name Listen. ...
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