Conclusion of Air Pollution?


Air pollution is when the air becomes filled with contaminants such as dust, fumes or gas. The conclusion of air pollution is that it comes from both natural and man made sources. There are several different types of indoor and outdoor air pollution.
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Many Chemicals Result in the Speed of Air Pollution such as: Carbon Dioxide (CO) Sulphur Dioxide (S0) Carbon Monoxide ( Many Type of Dirt or fine Dust also pollute the Air!
the conclusion to the air pollution can be as follows : 1-lung disease. 2-problems in breathing. 3-headache. 4-loss in learning ability.
Air pollution has increased over the years. The air quality is a major issue since now many children are having respiratory problems such as asthma caused by bad air.
There are six common air pollutants that threaten our health and environment. These are classified as ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide
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