Concrete Foundation for a Mobile Home?


A concrete foundation for a mobile home can be just a 28 feet by 76 feet slab that is above or below ground. It can even be a brick formation instead of poured concrete that the mobile home is located on. Some states, like Texas and Virginia, require that a special anchor bolt is tied into the foundation slab and it has to be connected via a steel tie down as well as steel I-beam to the home.
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Foundations should be made of concrete, treated wood or masonry. Backfill, the substance used to fill the foundation's empty spaces, should be pure and free of undesirable materials
i brought a mobile home from Gene Hart of Home Finders of Ravenel back in 2002 and he fail to finish the repairs that he promised to do. I have a video and pictures of the home just
That's too much. Why not call a concrete company and have them pour a concrete foundation instead of paying people to lay each block individually? Here in Indiana, I would charge
Concrete is typically measured by cubic yards. An
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You can add a room to your mobile home, by setting a foundation next to the mobile home. The room should be set upon the foundation and attached to the mobile ...
Permanent mobile home foundations have their shoring and axle removed and it is tied down. These types of foundations are anchored to pier type structures. ...
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