The Spanish word 'concursos' is translated into competition in the English language. This word could also mean different things in different contexts. For example, when used in one way, it can mean a gathering of people and there is even a third way to use the Spanish word 'concursos'. Concursos can be translated into help, as in someone providing help or assistance. Some synonyms in the Spanish language include cooperacion, ayuda, concurrencia, auxilio, and asistencia.
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Sorry, I can not find the English translation for "concurso. Is that the correct spelling of the word?
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Danton Mello. Fábio Porchat. Anderson De Rizzi. Rodrigo Pandolfo. Carol Castro.
"Concurso CAIXA 2010"
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Concursos a Portuguese word meaning contests in English. A contest is an event in which people battle for superiority in a sport, activity, or particular excellence ...
The Spanish phrase "vamos a participar del concurso para ...
It means, "Using ordinal numbers, write the position of each person in the race.". ...
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