Confederate Money Price?


The old Confederate money is worth different prices depending on the denomination and the condition of the money. All of the Confederate money has some type of value. The 500 note is worth an estimated $400 if the condition is good. The notes are hand signed and numbered. The earlier the money is dated, the more value it has. To find out the value of any Confederate money visit a local appraiser in your area.
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It depends on the condition, rarity and the artistic design of the bill. If it is a real confederate bill or not plays a part in the value. A coin shop can help determine if it is
1. Find sources of Confederate money. Antique and coin shops often buy and sell Confederate money. Estate sales occasionally offer opportunities to invest in Confederate money. Online
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Confederate currency was used by the South during their brief succession during the Civil War. ChaCha
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Confederate money worth is depended on the state in which the bill is and who is collecting it and the issue date. Fake confederate money is money that has no ...
All the confederate money is common except the $500 note. All Confederate money has value. Depending on their condition they can be worth $200 to $400. ...
Confederate money is money that was circulated by the confederate states during the Civil War in the United States from 1861 to 1865. The money had no actual value ...
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