Confidence Building Worksheets?


Confidence building worksheets are part of the exercises self esteem coaches use for teens and adults to access how they react in certain situations and what their confidence level is. The worksheets are self-evaluating and the individual talking them can only ask questions to clarify what is intended by the question. The answers are carefully reviewed by a qualified person to help analyze how the individual reacts. The results can help the self esteem coach know what issues with confidence the individual needs the most.
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1. Write down your top 10 selling points, including talents, accomplishments, skills and experience. Re-read the list every day for a week, then circle your top three points and underline
No one ever said dating was for the faint of heart. When things are going your way, it can feel like you and your date are Cinderella and Prince Charming at the ball (you know, before
1 Identify your talents. Everyone is good at something, so discover the things at which you excel, and then focus on your talents . Give yourself permission to take pride in them.
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