Confucianism Beliefs?


Confucianism beliefs are based on the teachings of Confucius in early 500 BC. The main focus of Confucianism is to teach how to live a harmonious life and adapt socially. Within the teachings of Confucianism, there are five core virtues. These are humaneness, knowledge, integrity, propriety or etiquette, and righteousness or justice. The virtues are further instilled in filial piety, righteousness, contingency, and loyalty. Confucianism also teaches that relationships and family are top priorities within ones life.
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Confucians believe that all people are good, that you should respect and follow your elders, ancestors should be worshiped, education is strongly emphasized, and Yin and Yang represent
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Although Confucianism is often followed in a religious manner by the Chinese, arguments continue over whether it is a religion. Confucianism lacks an afterlife, its texts express
There are a number of ways to interpret this, so let's start with some definitions. The three Chinese philosophical systems mentioned all had something to say about how politics should
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